Moduły servo

Tutaj znajdziesz moduły do połączeń z układami servo. ...
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Tutaj znajdziesz moduły do połączeń z układami servo.

Positioning modules


For system-integrated 2- and 4-axis path control. Maximum 4Mpps command yields high-speed and high-precision positioning.
0.005ms high-speed drive reduces tact time.
Feedback pulse count function makes output pulse counting possible for encoders, etc.
JOG positioning control supports a wide range of applications.

Product number



Transistor output, 2 axes


Transistor output, 4 axes


Line driver output, 2 axes


Line driver output, 4 axes




FP2 Positioning units RTEX


  • For highly accurate control of network servers with an ultra-compact PLC.
  • Great reduction in wiring costs with the use of commercial LAN cable.
  • Includes manual pulser input, allowing support for precision teaching.
  • Maximum control axes: 112 axes.
  • Total support from configuration and startup through to monitoring with the dedicated software tool Configurator PM.


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2 axes positioning unit RTEX


4 axes positioning unit RTEX


8 axes positioning unit RTEX

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