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Tutaj znajdziesz informacje dotyczące modułów sieciowych systemu FP2. ...
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Tutaj znajdziesz informacje dotyczące modułów sieciowych systemu FP2.

Multi communication unit


The FP2-MCU module enables quick and efficient data exchange between Panasonic's FP2 series PLCs and other automation systems. Detachable interface modules make it easy to connect an FP2 PLC to a variety of serial communications devices such as operator terminals, sensor systems, vision systems, temperature controllers, remote maintenance or diagnostic systems or to additional PLCs.

  • Fast communication speeds of up to 230Kbps
  • Communication protocol options including RS232C, RS422 or RS485
  • Double isolation of the communications channel
  • Up to 19 modules can be connected in one system
  • Transmission distances of up to 1200m can be achieved



FP2 Multi-wire link module and S-Link module


FP2 multi-wire link module FP2-MW

  • PLC link function:
    Enables data to be shared between programmable controllers, using cyclically transmitted link relays (L) and link registers (LD).
  • Data transfer function:
    Programmable controllers in the same system send and receive information pertaining to contacts and registers using the high-level instructions F145 and F146.
  • Remote programming function:
    The programming functions of a programmable controller can be used to program other programmable controllers in the same system, and for operations such as monitoring contacts and registers.

S-Link module FP2-SL2

  • The S-Link unit is used by assigning inputs (X) and outputs (Y). The inputs/outputs on the FP2 side that result from these assignments are treated as I/O addresses (S-Link I/O devices in the S-Link).
  • It controls up to 2,048 remote I/Os per FP2 system.



Ethernet-LAN module FP2-ET1


The FP2 ET-LAN module enables data exchange between different types of PLCs with a vendor-independent protocol and a short processing time. TCP/IP establishes logical point-to-point communication between two devices and provides the basis for exchanging information among all areas of production. You can connect 8 Ethernet segments with each other at a transmission speed of up to 100Mbits/s. Three communication interface types are supported: 10 BASE 5, 10 BASE-T, 100 BASE-TX.




Fieldbus Slave Units


Powerful, compact, modular and high performance fieldbus slave units (FSU) are used together with the programmable controllers FP2/FP2SH series.
You can download all the slave data and convenient ready-made function libraries free of charge.
The fieldbus slave units are available for PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, CANopen and Profinet IO.
Others are planned for the future.

FP2 Fieldbus Slave Units



Part no.




FP2 DeviceNet Slave Unit



FP2 CANopen Slave Unit



FP2Profinet IO Device Unit

Profinet IO





Fieldbus Master Units for PROFIBUS DP, CANopen and DeviceNet


The expansion Fieldbus Master Units (FMU) allow you to integrate FP2 PLCs as Master into your network with a maximum degree of flexibility. The units are available for three bus systems: PROFIBUS, DeviceNet and CANopen. For each network type, ready-made function libraries are available for the programming software Control FPWIN Pro. These libraries drastically shorten the time needed to develop your applications, and consequently save valuable human resource costs.

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