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Przegląd modułów komunikacyjnych systemu FP0. ...
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Przegląd modułów komunikacyjnych systemu FP0.



The FP0 DSP2 can operate either as a DP slave module or as a remote I/O system to which different decentralised inputs and outputs can be connected. A DIP switch can be used to switch between the two modes:
Mode 1: DP Slave module. Connect the FP0 or FP
S CPU + expansion modules to the PROFIBUS network.
Mode 2: remote I/O. Connect up to three expansion modules without CPU to the PROFIBUS network.
In remote I/O mode, the unit can be connected to any PLC from any manufacturer that offers a PROFIBUS communication interface.





MEWNET-F is remote I/O system with reduced wiring that connects PLCs and I/O slave stations via 2-core cabling. By adding an I/O link unit to the FP0, you can link a master station PLC and FP0 inputs and outputs via the network.





FP0 connects directly to the S-LINK for reduced wiring and simple installation. It can control up to 128 points for S-LINK-related devices. Similar to other FP0 units, up to three expansion units can be used for efficient I/O wiring.




CC-Link Slave Unit FP0-CCLS


This slave unit was developed for the open standard network CC-Link. By connecting this module to FP0R, FP0 or FP-X, data can be exchanged quickly between Panasonic PLCs and external devices, providing a vendor-independent data communication solution.




Relay output terminal FP0-RT8Y-6A


The FP0-RT8Y-6A unit provides reliable insulation between peripheral equipment and the PLC system, even for electrical loads up to 250VAC/6A. Standardized MIL connectors establish a direct connection to the FP0R or FP0 unit.




AC Power Supply FP0-PSA2


  • Incredibly small size: 90 x 30.4 x 60mm
  • Maximum output current: 0.7A (24V CD)
  • Multiple voltage input: 85 to 265V AC
  • Global approvals: UL/cUL, EN, CE
  • DIN-rail mounting
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